Discovering Passion

1998 - 2001

During my college years, I struggled to figure out my foothold in the world.  I was working on a degree in economics and yet I was unclear of what I wanted to do.  Working as an analyst or business related just didn't seem right at the time.  I came across photography and photojournalism in high school and fell in love with it.  But was love will be enough to sustain a career?

The answer came in a serendipitous moment when my high school photography teacher came to town. His advice gave me the courage to make the leap. 

You don’t want to live your life asking what could have been.
— Cole Thompson

During my last semester at college, I decided to give it a try.  I interned with the local San Gabriel Valley Tribune Newspaper Group to see if I would like the profession, and was lucky to be offered a position as a freelancer in my senior year. (I also tried interning at an oil company, putting on a suit and tie each morning, and hated it. Apparently it wasn't for me.)

Eventually, I secured a staff position at the Glendale News-Press, a big step up in the journalistic world.  I couldn't think of a better place to work.  I was surrounded by wonderful people, discovered moving stories and felt privileged that I was able to document important moments for many individuals.  I woke up every morning filled with purpose and excitement.  I had my eye of being a photojournalist who covered world news instead of community news.  My journey of following my passion and discovering its rewards had begun and I knew where I wanted to go.

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