My Mission


Having started several companies and immersing myself in the process of building products and teams and dealing with data to measure performances, I often see brands ignoring the critical components of having the right story and creating the proper engagement with both customers and loyalty to produce the loyal followers.

When brands dive in head first in the search for existence and sales, they focus on the products and its delivery to the marketplace. Sometimes, these focuses become the mainstay of the purpose and skip the vital parts of clarifying why they are in existence and why should customers and employees alike should stay loyal to their brands. Their presence is based on trying to capture market shares, their hiring process is to fill in empty positions, and customers are just sales numbers to them. In the end, they become another company in a sea of choices in the eyes of consumers.

Today, I champion the art of customer and worker engagement through both human interactions and technology and measurable data. I love the ability to connect with customers and aim to provide the best solutions for brands through measurable and meaningful activations. I seek to work with passionate companies who are in the active lifestyle and outdoor industries to make a real difference.


What I offer


A big part of the success of a brand lies in telling the story of why they exist and why should customers believe and purchase their brands. Without the right story, it makes it harder for the brand to set itself apart.


Nowadays you want to attract workers who are working for you more than just for the paycheck. You want them to be passionate to do what they do so that you can produce the products that the entire team believe in. From this, getting consumers to buy in on the story and the reason why they should choose your product becomes more natural.