The Digital Journey

2010 - present

During my time consulting for brands, I fell in love with the usefulness of data. I also saw many opportunities to better utilize technology for better business performance and brand transformation. 

Big data is shaping our world and yet many of the companies I encountered were not leveraging even their most basic data to engage with their customers.  Clearly, there was an opportunity.

I have always believed that engaging customers is one of the most important activities that brands could do.  Customers want to connect with brands past the social media aspect.  Customers want to be involved with their favorite brands and brands should learn from their customers.  In the digital era, all of these are possible.

Today, I am the CEO of a company called Gilkor.  We produce an engagement and loyalty system that helps brands identify and engage with their most loyal and important customers.

Apart from helping clients with their businesses, I love that I get to develop a team from the ground up, nurturing the creativity, discipline and teamwork to make Gilkor a success in a fast-moving and globally competitive industry. Running this company has also brought me into contact with investors, shareholders, as we look to forge partnerships and find clients within the region. It's an exciting time in an exciting industry and I'm lucky to be here.  Learn more about Gilkor.