Brand Consulting: A Natural Extension


2013-06-05 17.14.57.jpg

Moving to branding was a natural extension of my experience in communication and building my own business, whereby I saw the problems that clients had in visualizing and communicating their stories consistently and effectively, and also experienced firsthand the benefits of having a strong brand in successfully competing against competitors in a crowded field. 

Plenty of companies want to make their brand 'great'.  Many still think that a superficial change in looks and colors will take them there (which isn't the case) and those who are seasoned enough know that branding goes all the way down to the DNA of the company.  Hiring and maintaining employees, optimizing working and operational structures and consistently engaging with customers are some of the aspects of branding that most companies do not think about.

So with thoughts like these I started my journey as a branding evangelist to those willing to listen.